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I’m Claudine Gueh, a children’s book author, editor, and freelance writer.


On My Previous Blog

I shared memorable children’s books and motivational quotes for writers. It was a delightful stretch of years. Made several meaningful friendships. Discovered beautiful stories. Learned more about writing & the writing life from fellow bloggers.

And now, it is time to move on.


Here’s a Secret Wound I’m Opening (Cos I Need it to Properly Heal this Time Round)

My writing career for the past nine years had not been sustainable.

It was 100% my fault.

Because I wasn’t treating it with the standards it deserved. 

Because I wasn’t pouring myself into it like it needed me to. 

Because I was relying way too much on motivational quotes like “Just keep going” — without making an actual, solid plan on where I’d like to go.


“Just keep your head down and write” wasn’t particularly good advice for me. Was it for you?


Keep going … where? Will I really get to my Dream Writerly There?

Months went by. I read. I asked difficult questions. I answered those I could. 

Since then, I’ve kept digging deeper into what I truly want out of my writing career.

Starting with a frighteningly honest review of where I am and where I want to head.


This is What I Want Now

I want to bring my fiction career to the next level.

I want to play bigger and deeper in my writing career. (No random plans or actions.)

I want a quietly flourishing creative life that I actively made happen. (E.g. building my personal roadmap/creative playbook.)


To do all these, I have to build stronger inner works.


And this is what my blog will be on:  

1. Raising genuine confidence and energy (how we can show up for work every day & how to communicate with clients/editors etc.). 

2. Facing our stress straight on so setbacks will teach us to move forward. (Stressed over money? Over getting your name or books out without burning out? Over your current level of writing skills?)

3. Discovering what truly matters to us and making a solid plan on getting them.


Okay, so far it’s all been about ME and what I want. What about YOU and what YOU want? I’m currently in the “Gathering” phase where I’m learning more from fellow fiction writers like you (i.e. who’s enjoying what you have in your writing career but want to find out how you can get to your next level of fulfillment).   Will you help me by answering these 2 questions?    

1. What is your biggest creative dream?

2. What burns you the most painfully? (For me, it was feeling stuck in my career. Writing and publishing a little but seeing not much results. Giving up would have been devastating yet I also didn’t know how to carry on.)


Send me an email here:

I’m listening and would love to hear from you.

Thank you so much for reading! I’ll be back with more contents on the blog by early 2018. 

Here’s wishing you a flourishing writerly life filled with daily blessings!




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