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Brand Story Copywriting



Need an engaging “About Me” page for your independent business/brand?

Brand stories, or “About Us” pages, are where folks truly get to know you and your values.

Let’s be honest. Nobody wants to follow a business or a creative entrepreneur who doesn’t share much about themselves.


The other end of the spectrum is also true: Everybody cringes when someone “overshares.” 

So how much is too much?

How much is really relevant and interesting for your followers?

And how should the tone be? 

Writing your personal story in starting and running your business ought to be fun …

But it takes a special set of skills to do it well.

And smooth.

And captivating.

And warm.

And which sounds authentically you.

The type of brand stories I like to read is also the type I like to write: Warm and conversational, with a dash of humour. Not technical or academic. (This tone will make your visitors YEARN to support you.) 

If this is what you’re looking for, too, here are two samples of what I can do for your brand story:

Copper & Stones – Susan (About an indie jewellery designer based in Greece)

Canvas Kansas – Tim & Jim (About a pair of friends designing canvas shoes for young, ambitious entrepreneurs)

And here’s a client I recently wrote for:

YOLO Collect (A team of creatives passionate about interior decor)


I love the energy of creative minds and business owners. 

Let me help you bring out the best in your stories! Contact me today to chat further.