• my clearest me

    “Am I supposed to be

    The kind of boy I’ve never been?”

    A rhyming story about Wynn, a quiet boy in a louder world, wondering if he should change himself to fit in with others.

    Will he be able to find his own spot without losing his unique personality?

  • little orchid's sea monster trouble

    A middle-grade novel for fantasy and adventure lovers! (Age 9 & up)

    Nine-year-old Little Orchid lives by the river with her boisterous farming family in Singapore.

    Imaginative, curious yet also timid, she hears fascinating stories about the Giant Cuttlefish in the sea.

    One evening, she finally meets the sea monster.

    Just minutes before its cruel death.

    That night, Little Orchid wakes up with boils on her face and body … and turns into the sea monster she failed to save. Her skin peels away just as her childhood does.

    Can she survive all the dangers as the new Giant Cuttlefish? Will she ever turn back into a girl?

    Will she ever see her family, in particular her mother and sister, again?
  • vanquishing the hungry chinese zombie

    My story is featured in this issue of Cricket Magazine (Age 9-14).

    A 10-year-old girl, Liang, realises there is a Chinese zombie lurking in her parents’ candle shop in Singapore.

    Working with a local hooligan, she needs to summon all her courage to vanquish it before it harms her family.